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Intensive Driving Lessons


Are you in a hurry to PASS YOUR DRIVING TEST as soon as possible? Maybe a new job requires a UK DRIVING LICENCE, or you just are determined to get to the Driving test standard as quickly as possible?

Then you may want to consider doing an Intensive Course of Driving Lessons. Consider that the majority of new drivers will need at least 40 hours of professional driving lessons before reaching and maintaining the driving test standard required to get a PASS.

You would need to take 8hrs of driving lessons for 5days to pack all this knowledge and practice can be done and HAS been done!!! Nicola here passed in just 5 days!!

photo of Nicola

Pass in 5 DAYS!!!

However, if you already have some driving experience then possibly 30 hours may get you there, which we could achieve doing 6hrs of lessons for 5days!!
Benefits of Intensive Driving Lessons:
  • RETENTION OF INFORMATION: People learn more and remember more when they practice the skill intensively, there is simply is no time to forget what you have learnt, which will save you money and time from doing extra driving lessons.
  • KEEP COSTS DOWN: A great deal of learner drivers end up spending more money over a LONG PERIOD of learning than a SHORT INTENSE period.
  • GET YOUR UK LICENCE IN A WEEK: If you have the time and are willing to put the work in, I can help you to PASS YOUR DRIVING TEST IN JUST 1 WEEK!!
Please note: ALL INTENSIVE DRIVING COURSES are subject to my availability.
                     : Please consider booking ahead to avoid disappointment
                     : I would require payment up front before booking takes place.

15 Hours - £345 (SAVE £30)
20 Hours - £440 (SAVE £60)
30 Hours - £695 (SAVE £65)

 See Price List page for comparisons and SAVINGS
  • Taster Lessons - I'm happy to offer a special rate for the 1st hour (read more)
  • Pay-as-you-go - My standard rate lessons (read more)
  • Intensive Driving Lessons - discounts on block bookings (read more)
  • Refresher Driving Lessons - discounts on block bookings (read more)
  • Pass Plus - For advanced lessons. Lower your Insurance!!! (read more)
  • Mock Tests - Extensive knowledge of Bournemouth driving test routes (read more)

If you want to buy lessons as a Gift for Birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions we do offer a Gift Voucher option that you can receive by post (read more).

If you live in Bournemouth or Poole and want driving lessons, drop me a call 07833 120092 or email me [email protected] am happy to answer any questions about driving lessons.